Our Data

Each week we post on issues ranging from Travis Scott’s use of its lit! throughout his discography to poverty rates trends in NYC public schools, all based on public data and open APIs. Using Python open libraries such as Pandas and Numpy we parse through the datasets to give you the real juice and answers to questions relevant to our people.


Our Insights

After we parse and visualize the data, we flip it and tumble it to gain insights on how these issues —or random nonsense— affects us. As we evolve from a blog to a technology platform, we will use our insights into how our data speaks on us as urban culture becomes mainstream. As Hov said, gentrify your own hood.


Our Analytics

Code is sexy —and it pays well. So we’ll show you all of our code and hope it inspires you to tackle the same data and either put a twist on it, or come up with a better conclusion. The end goal is simple: let’s make sure we take part in the data revolution